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  • Uriah Heep — High And Mighty (1976)

    “High And Mighty” is special for many reasons. First of all, it is the most lyrical album that Uriah Heep ever recorded, and with this album Ken Hensley’s songwriting talent reached its plentitude. Secondly, it is the last Uriah Heep’s album with David Byron on vocals. Thirdly (and perhaps the most important), this album was …

  • Ken Hensley — Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf (1973)

    The first solo album, «Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf», was recorded by Ken Hensley at Lansdowne Studios, London, between November 1971 and November 1972. The album was released in 1973 by Bronze Records (UK) and Mercury (USA). Two Ken’s bandmates from Uriah Heep, bassist Gary Thain and drummer Lee Kerslake, played on the album.

  • Uriah Heep — The Magician’s Birthday (1972)

    “The Magician’s Birthday” was the fifth studio album by Uriah Heep, recorded in September and October 1972 at Lansdowne Studios and released in November 1972 by Bronze Records. Both in the UK and the USA the album reached the top thirty in the charts. In the USA it charted for 22 weeks and was certified …

  • Uriah Heep — Demons and Wizards (1972)

    The forth Uriah Heep’s album, “Demons and Wizards”, brought fame, money and fortune to the band. The album charted for 11 weeks in the UK (peaking at No. 20) and for 38 weeks in the USA (peaking at No. 23)*.

  • Uriah Heep — Look At Yourself (1971)

    Uriah Heep recorded their third album at Lansdowne Studios in July 1971, and Bronze Records released it in September 1971. This is the breakthrough album for the band, as it was the first record that entered British charts, peaking at No. 39. In the US “Look At Yourself” stayed in the charts for 20 weeks*.