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  • Uriah Heep: Ken Hensley Staying With It (1974)

    Two years ago, Ken Hensley, Uriah Heep’s organist and informal leader, told a Melody Maker reporter that he would probably never play in any band other than the Heep. More importantly, he said that even that association would not last for more than two and a half years.
    Of course, that interview took place before Uriah …

  • Ken Hensley’s interview (InRock magazine, 2002) Part 2

    Another excerpt from an interview with Ken Hensley published in the “InRock” magazine (№ 8, 2002, category “The Person”).
    InRock: It is such a mystery to me, why you sang on the record of “Look At Yourself” album, and why on the concerts lead singers did that?
    Ken Hensley: Well, because it was awkward for David not …

  • The Magician’s Birthday: original liner notes

    Original liner notes by Ken Hensley.
    Uriah Heep — The Magician’s Birthday
    Based loosely on a short story which I wrote during June/July this year The Magician’s Birthday brings us to our fifth album. Again we find ourselves saying this is our most important album, but they have all been the most important and we will probably …

  • Demons and Wizards: original liner notes

    Original liner notes by Ken Hensley.
    Uriah Heep — Demons And Wizards
    Somebody left a space between our last American tour and our European trip and we used literally every second to put Demons And Wizards together.
    Although the titles would suggest it, there is no magic in it — it’s just a collection of our songs which …

  • Uriah Heep — Wonderworld (1974)

    The seventh studio album was recorded by Uriah Heep at Musicland Studios, Munich. The band worked there between January and March 1974. “Wonderworld” was released in April 1974 by Bronze Records and charted for three weeks in the UK (peak position No. 23) and for 15 weeks in the US (peak position at No. 38)*. …