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  • Very ‘Umble, Very ‘Eavy (Melody Maker, 1971)

    This article was published in Melody Maker on November 27, 1971. The author is unknown.
    Very ‘Umble, Very ‘Eavy
    Some bands please the rock establishment — some bands please the customers.
    Uriah Heep are one of the latter. With a disinclination to bestow approval on what is considered unworthy, the Establishment can be quite unkind to the struggling …

  • “Beyond Our Ken” (Melody Maker, 1973)

    This article was published in Melody Maker (March 3, 1973). Author — Geoff Brown.
    ABOUT ten days ago I spent a Sportsnight with Hensley.
    The Hensley in question was Ken, organist with Uriah Heep, who during the afternoon had played a round of golf with Cliff Bennett (his old boss in Toe Fat) and during the evening …