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  • Ken Hensley’s interview (InRock magazine, 2002) Part 1

    Excerpts from an interview with Ken Hensley published in the “InRock” magazine (№ 8, 2002, category “The Person”).
    InRock: Do you remember the first song you’ve ever recorded or composed?
    Ken Hensley: Actually I thought I did, but then somebody came up with the tape the other day that I did in 1966 or something I didn’t even know …

  • To Samuel A Son: original liner notes

    Original liner notes published on the back cover of The Gods’ “To Samuel A Son” LP.
    To Samuel A Son
    The list of “super groups” rapidly expands; uncertain minds seek a new expression in their musical ideas. Many of our top groups have either disbanded or retreated to a free form world of creation. And one of …

  • Toe Fat — Toe Fat (1970)

    Toe Fat was formed in June 1969 by the vocalist Cliff Bennett (ex-Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, ex-Cliff Bennett Band). Ken Hensley joined Toe Fat and took part in recording of their first album. Other former members of The Gods were recruited by Toe Fat, too: Lee Kerslake played drums, and John Glascock played bass*.

  • Head Machine — Orgasm (1970)

    Head Machine was one of Ken Hensley’s ‘contract’ projects, for which he contributed songs as well as vocals, guitars and piano parts and was credited as Ken Leslie. In 2002 he told InRock magazine that at the time producers asked him to write songs for their projects. In case with Head Machine it was David Paramor, …

  • The Gods — To Samuel A Son (1969)

    The Gods’ second album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. It was released after the band disbanded and its former members were already in different bands. “To Samuel A Son” is often dated as a 1970 release, but the text of the back cover of the British LP specifies 1969 as the year it was …